SmartPool 7i Robotic Pool Cleaner for In Ground Pools


Swimming pools are among the entertainment facilities used for both home and commercial services. Pool construction is not enough; it requires maintenance from time to time. How well the pool is maintained determines the satisfaction the pool gives. Well-maintained pools also ensure the safety of users, both physical and health wise. Smartpool 7i Robotic pool cleaner for ground pools is one of the vacuums that are commonly used in the maintenance of pools.

Features and description

The pool is universal and can be used for all surface cleaning of the vinyl liner, concrete pools, and fiberglass. For pools that have different surfaces or for people who own more than one pool that has been constructed differently need not buy other vacuums. The vacuum has lightweight. As such, it can easily be moved from one point to the other – the pool for cleaning and back. One person can move the vacuum without the need for extra help from other people. It is a robotic pool cleaner. The vacuum can be used suitably for in-ground pools that are at most 20’ by 40’ by 8′ deep.

Another feature of the pool is that is can be used to clean and brush pool walls and floor. The machine has a cleaning cycle of one and three hours. It can be set to shut off automatically after three hours. It also has a brush –to-port suction for vacuuming acorns, fine debris and leaves. The vacuum has a direct drive motor and a relatively large filter bag capacity.

Things to look for when buying pool cleaners.

Pool size

Choose a cleaner that will be adequate for your pool size. A large pool will require a more powerful cleaner. If a low power pool cleaner is used, it may take a relatively long time to finish the job, which is not efficient.

Style of the pool cleaner

Pool cleaners can be of four different styles; suction cleaners, robotic cleaners, pressure cleaners as well as motor-driven cleaners. The pool owner should thus consider the style that will work best for their pool cleaning needs.

Debris in your pool

Select a pool cleaner that can handle the size of debris that is to be cleaned from your pool. Various pool cleaners will have a different capacity of collecting and holding debris while cleaning.

Price of the cleaner  

A good robotic pool cleaner is one whose price is within your budget. However good a pool cleaner could be, if the price is outside one’s budget, it will not help the person.

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Customer reviews

Before making the decision on which pool cleaner to buy, analyze what the people who have used similar equipment say about them. Customer reviews help one to get a true picture of the way a cleaner works, its shortcomings as well as giving insights on the dos and the don’ts concerning the cleaners. The reviews will also help you to know the best places to buy the cleaners as well as the expected cost of maintaining them.

Besides, ensure you are sufficiently informed before settling on an option. Take your time to compare and assess your needs to avoid making mistakes in the selection of the product you buy, which can turn out to be expensive.


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