The Difference Between a Wood Jointer and a Planer


Working on woods for shaping and making it useful for creating furniture, houses, buildings, huts and etc. are popular in this carpentry industry. There is machine or equipment that is used to make this thing possible. Wood jointers and wood planers are the examples. Both have different uses and functions in according to their specific purposes. These are useful to carpenters and laborers in doing their job without hassle. Most in the construction industry are purchasing equipment for the benefit of their workers, customers and for profit purposes. Here we will talk about the difference between a wood planer and a wood jointer.

Wood Planer



Wood Planer is a machine used in shaping woods for uniform thickness. It has feed rollers inside and outside with a cutter head in between. The cutter head is located above the work. The material is self-propelled and the work is facing. It provides a guarantee for parallelism to both surfaces. It is a parallel between the two faces of the wood. Remember that the planner focuses on thickness. A recent type of planners used electricity and makes it more efficient than the manual type of planner.

Wood Jointer


Wood Jointer is a machine that is used to straighten and square edges of the wood. It is a tool for creating flat surfaces together with the lumber or the wood’s edges and faces. It removes a small amount of wood upon utilizing it. There are two to three knives present at the bottom of the machine and leaves the edge perfectly straight. The cutter head is below the working area. However, it does not guarantee parallelism. It only makes nice and straight reference edges. It flattens the face of the wood. It makes a twisted, warped or bored board flat. They call it infeed table wherein the blades or the knives is passed and pushes it out through the outfeed table. The surfaces of the wood are not even and only produces straight surface. The main goal is to make sure that the two pieces of wood do not have problems and is sticking together.

Wood Jointer

That’s why the one who will utilize these machines should have an idea on how they are useful in home improvement, home furniture, and future projects by different groups and individuals. Some tips must remember by wood crafters. Knowing the type of wood or lumber is one of them. There is a variation with regards to this because this will determine if you will use a jointer or a planer. Next, one must check the surface of the wood and its edges. This will control the need of work depending if the wood is rough or smooth. Another tip is to know the measurements required for a specific work. One example is a client likes to have a dining table. The carpenter must ask if he or she likes round, square or rectangular table. This will help the worker choose between a jointer and a planer. Lastly, check the wood for unevenness, imperfections, blemishes, twisting, and warping.

Home is where the heart is and that makes the lumber industry productive in the upcoming years due to people securing themselves in the future.

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