City Of Toronto: STUDENT GUIDE


The largest city in Canada, Toronto annually attracts thousands of foreign students from around the world. From our article you will learn where to go and what to do in this unique multicultural and multi-ethnic metropolis …


Welcome to Toronto!

Toronto is located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario and is the capital of the same name Ontario province. The city was founded in the 18th century by immigrants from Great Britain, at that time it was called “York”. More than two centuries old York has become a modern multi-million metropolis of Toronto.

The city is fully consistent with the Canadian national policy of multiculturalism, here you can find Chinese, Italian, Greek and many other neighborhoods. And yet, this is where the largest Somali community is located outside of Africa. All this creates a special atmosphere of Toronto, making the city more comfortable and attractive for foreigners from around the world.

In addition, Toronto is Canada’s largest economic and cultural development center. In the main areas of the city there are numerous branches of local and well-known international banks, real estate agencies, offices of companies engaged in wholesale and retail trade.

Toronto Travel Guide

So which places are worth visiting in Toronto?

Canada’s largest city is best explored during hiking. In addition, you can move around the city by bus, tram, metro or taxi. Toronto consists of amazing, not similar to each other areas. Each of them has its own cultural and national colors.

By the way, a large number of neighboring ethnic groups does not make this city dangerous. Walking through the streets, you will feel completely calm, because the crime rate in Toronto is very low compared to other megacities of the world!

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There are many fashionable and antique shops in the urban area of Yorkville, where you will definitely find unique and rare items. In the Old Town is the famous Market of St. Lawrence, where local farmers, artisans and other craftsmen sell their products.

Although the history of Toronto is not so ancient and multifaceted, as, for example, the history of London – here too, there is something to see! For example, in the urban area of Cabbagetown, old Victorian houses await you, near the University of Toronto you will see neo-Gothic buildings, and well-groomed European lawns stretch around the Roncesweils.

The sights of Toronto include the famous CN Tower, towering above the city, as well as the Rogers Center, the homely sports arena of the American League’s Toronto Blue Jays baseball team. In addition, you can visit the Islands of Toronto, located on Lake Ontario and are part of the city, in the Hockey Hall of Fame and in the Royal Ontario Museum.


The University of Toronto is the most eminent and respected university in the city. Every year he enters the Top 25 best universities in the world. In addition, Toronto has many other great educational institutions that host foreigners, including Ryerson University, York University, Ontario College of Art and Design, and others.

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