How To Get Free Company Sponsored CDL Training


How To Get Free CDL Training

CDL stands for Commercial Driver’s License. You need this license in order to be a qualified truck driver. However, the cost to complete training is quite expensive, ranging from $4,000 to $8,000. So how do you get paid CDL training?

Paid CDL training programs are offered by many trucking companies. They do so as an effort to lure prospective truckers-to-be to join as truck drivers for their companies.

In many cases, the trucking companies engaged their own driving school to train the drivers. During this paid CDL training, the company will pay for the costs and expenses incurred upfront. The students will not have to pay anything for the entire course. Off course you need to fulfill the training CDL requirements and pass the CDL exam so far.

The trucking company, in turn, would require you to sign a contract that stipulated the requirement to work with the company for a certain period of time. This is, in my opinion, a win-win situation since both parties would benefit from it and get the best on it so far.
Although most companies advertised this training course as a ‘free’, some would require the acquired driver to pay back some or all of the training costs. Normally this is done by deducting it from the monthly salary until it is fully paid. However, there are companies who don’t do this, and it is a matter of searching for the ones.

But in general, they will provide the full assistance to train you with all the necessary skills. In the end, you will be able to have enough preparation to take the CDL exam.

It is also worth mentioning how differently the trucking companies pay for the CDL course:

  • Totally paid up, but this usually comes with a longer agreement that can go up to 2 years.
  • By reimbursement upon completion.
  • Deductions from monthly salary.

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Company Sponsored CDL Training Cost Advantages.

So you can actually pay for your own training if you can afford it. After getting the CDL you would freely have so many choices to apply the driver job with a reliable trucking company. However, that can be proved to be hard since you would have zero experience. But of course, it is not impossible.

You also have a choice to find someone with the truck and accompany him. This is for you to gain experience and get the CLP and eventually apply for the job with a trucking company.

Another option to find a truck and practice with a driver with CDL. But still, without completing a training at the driving school, there is only a slim chance to get hired.

However, with the company-sponsored training program, you would have the advantage of securing the driver job since there would be an agreement soon after completion of the training.

In conclusion, there are so many trucking companies out there competing with each other to get the best truck drivers in the USA. So you’ll be spoilt for choices!

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